and Lead

with inner harmony, alignment, and joy

I bring a heart-centered and grounded presence, depth, joy, beauty, and multi-modality expertise - with a magical wink - in service to your vitality, fulfillment, and freedom.

When you work with me – the full spectrum of my care, expertise, resources, knowledge, and network of vetted healers and advisors is available to you.

I serve as not only your mentor and coach, but also your healer, guide, confidant, cheerleader, and ally. Together we’ll stretch your capacity for growth, resilience, and courage. Let’s break the barriers and re-imagination what you can accomplish. 

You can hire multiple therapists, coaches, and healers. Or you can join me for the transformational journey of a lifetime. 

new frontier

A                       in leadership support

My 1:1 process is...

Rooted in Science

Illuminated with HeArt

Marinated in Wisdom

Supercharged with Magic

Infused with Humor


I believe

a regulated and resourced nervous system is the greatest gift we can offer the world 

impact multiplies when body, mind, and soul are in harmony and energetic congruence with our mission

more than self-development we need self-dismantlement; an undressing of sorts to return home to ourselves

plant medicines hold the codes for accelerated human evolution

the parts we’d rather hide are the parts that hold the keys to our greatest gifts

feeling overwhelmed in an overwhelming world is a sign of health 

impact starts with inner health and harmony

breakthrough innovation and leadership is leaving old-paradigm performance culture in the past. Right where it belongs 

We’re a good match if…

You are done spinning your wheels and are ready to do what it takes to get unstuck and soar to new heights

Your soul has been craving deep, loving, and transformational support

You are ready to grow your competitive edge and master resilience in an unpredictable world 

You understand that it takes time, commitment, patience, and investment to deprogram decades of dysfunctional programming

You are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and are ready for change

You are done with ineffective systems, therapists, coaches, and quick “fix-it” programs and retreats

You are ready to go big, play big, and daringly thrive

you have found your ally for life. 

If so...


I take great care and intention to craft and hold a loving, potent, and joyful container catered specifically to each client’s unique nervous system and goals.

My signature process, the Impact Harmonics™ system is designed to attune, calibrate, and align the body, mind, and spirit to function in harmonious cohesion in service to your impactful mission.



bio-data tracking, psychedelic microdosing, comprehensive personalized optimization protocols, pharmaceutical detox.

Integrative Personalized Medicine:

Resilience Toolbox, TRE Method, Safe & Sound Protocol, Breathwork, PolyVagal Training, Vagus Nerve Training, Trauma-Informed Care.

Nervous System Therapeutics:

Befriending Discomfort, Postural Alchemy, Body Intimacy, Pain Body Decoded, Leadership Somatics. 

Embodied Leadership:

Alignment Actualized, Self-Dismantlement For Sovereign Leaders, Essential Leadership Wisdom, Regenerative Life Design.

Spiritual Advisory:




1-ON-1 Transformative Journey

A long-term container for private 1:1 advisory, multi-modality therapy, integrative health, and coaching. Online Sessions.

Private Immersion Journey

A private two-day in-person visionary and transformational retreat.

Quantum Leap VIP Day

An in-person private VIP Day custom designed to facilitate a healing and visionary quantum leap.

Harmonious Hearts Live Group Course

A group course to Cultivate Relational Mastery & Nurture Soul-Nourishing Love 

Private & Group Journeys

Microdose Guru Offerings

Personalized Microdosing & Protocols

Comprehensive integrative protocols customized for your specific needs. Including microdosing and pharma detox

Mindful Microdosing Course

A 6-week online course for kickstarting and optimizing your Mindful Microdosing practice. 

Mindful Microdosing Journal

A guided journal to support your Mindful Microdosing Journey

Mindful Microdosing Mini Guide

A FREE step-by-step guide on how to start Mindful Microdosing

Book me as a speaker for your next event, panel, or podcast

Hire me as an educator or curriculum designer

Media & Education

Public Speaking 



"I feel like Anahita has opened up my life again. Before I started working with her, there was still a lot of self-protecting I was doing in ways that were both subconscious and unconscious. The work I have been doing with Anahita has freed me up to see the possibilities again and have tremendous hope for a life without the boundaries I have suffered inside for many years now. For that, I am extremely grateful and in awe of her knowledge and capabilities.”

– Kelly Hanker, Trial Attorney

"A Trustworthy Ally and Embodied Visionary Leader, Anahita is a true mentor and guide. Passionate about what she teaches, she is engaging, warm, wise, genuine, and caring. The tools, practices, and resources she shares are life-changing and the perspective shifts she catalyzes can be truly illuminating.  The value of what Anahita teaches is immeasurable and extends far beyond the parameters of her courses.”

– Nadine Shelly, Somatic & Expressive Arts Therapist

"Anahita is loving, inspiring, uplifting, and warm, but also resolute, determined, practical, and effective. Before working with her, I felt overwhelmed by the demands of my life and work. Our work together helped me shift how I perceive and respond to states of overwhelm and stress. She is the supportive and compassionate voice counteracting the harsh inner judge. She has validated my sense that being a lawyer does not have to be this consuming, but that we are up against a system that completely failed to support women. She fills that gap.”

– Daphne Delvau, Trial Attorney & Founder at The Mamattorney

"I came to Anahita after many years of trying various resources to heal my trauma and I kept reverting back to old habits & methods. After my first 30-minute consult with Anahita, I knew I was headed in the right direction for long-term healing. Anahita has a fantastic presence about her that completely makes one feel safe, supported & truly heard. She has an energy about her that is contagious & sparks curiosity for the better. I loved her approach to healing & feel like she has left a very lasting impact on my life for the better. 

– Molly Frier, Entrepreneur

She has opened my mind & heart to broader perspectives that I probably would have never been confident enough to explore. Thanks to Anahita I feel whole & stronger self-love than I have ever felt in my entire life. I have more confidence in who I am & what I have to offer with grace & grit that I was able to truly embrace throughout my entire time working with Anahita."

"When I hired Anahita, I was struggling with extreme trauma from my past that met me between every breath. I was having a hard time staying here. I was in a really scary place. 

Anahita held my hand through my most challenging, soul-shaking, confronting times. She encouraged me and infused me with confidence through our healing journey until I was able to generate those by myself.

She not only guided me through practices to regulate my nervous system, but also helped me realize my worth, resilience and deep self-love.

It’s been nearly a year since I completing our 12 month program together. I have never felt so sturdy and present in my whole life. I am just happy that I invested in myself and feel blessed to still be here.

Anahita helped me save my own life. 

I am forever grateful and honored to have had Anahita as my coach."

– Christina Costa Qualls Makeup Artist