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Where Leaders find sustainable health, performance, and fulfillment

You can live, create, perform, and lead from a place of deep inner sustainability, alignment, and joy.

Status quo “bro-formance” culture may spark productivity… but it leads you straight into a wall of burnout, dissatisfaction, and, dysfunction. Extractive cultures perpetuate and ignore trauma. 


Get                In Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

Breaking ground shouldn't break you.

When you are up to big things, healing trauma isn’t optional.

Trauma wreaks havoc in your life, sabotages your results, and holds you back. You must identify and dismantle the broken inner and outer systems to usher in the new. When we liberate the body, mind and spirit, our impact multiplies.


shows up as...








Fatigue & Burnout


Brain Fog

Chronic Pain

GI Dysfunction



Your journey of healing IS your journey of initiation into the next phase of leadership. You’re here BY DESIGN and what you do with it will form and inform your legacy. 

You simply cannot create from this place without compromising your impact. 

NeuroHealth & Emotional Agility Coach, Trauma Healer, Microdosing Expert, Wisdom Keeper.

I'm Anahita



I guide Leaders to heal and align their body, mind, hearts, and spirit to work in harmony with their mission. Together we’ll amplify your impact, while achieving sustainable vitality, fulfillment, and freedom.

Impactful Leadership

starts with inner alignment & harmony

Are you living, creating, and leading from alignment or exhaustion? 

Is your body, mind, and spirit in harmonious collaboration or conflict?

so here's a question...

Regulated, resourced,
and resilient 

focused, and clear

and inspired 

Aligned Body

Aligned Spirit

Aligned Mind

When you attune and align your whole being with systems of harmony, regeneration, and liberation, you achieve vitality, fulfillment, and freedom. 

 Creating from a place of deep alignment and harmony, you 

This journey of growth and becoming is not only necessary, but essential to the next phase of your visionary leadership. 

We can only hold, nurture, and guide a vision as refined as our level of resilience. Together, we stretch your capacity to expand your imagination, perception, and impact. 

Feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and burned out in a broken and extractive system is a healthy response.

It's       You


unlock the alchemy of easeful and joyful co-creation with the universe.



Grow your competitive edge and succeed in a rapidly changing world, by breaking your emotional glass ceiling and mastering resilient leadership. 

Reclaim your joy by liberating yourself from outdated beliefs and extractive systems that leave you drained, stressed, anxious, and stuck.

Effectively navigate leadership challenges with competence, wisdom, and grace. 

Access and integrate your body wisdom to supercharge your intuition, creativity, and impact. 

Heal and harmonize your body, mind, and spirit in service to your mission.

Tap into a sustainable inner well of regenerative vitality, focus, and performance.

Maximize your impact by learning the alchemy of joyful, aligned co-creation with the universe.


wisdom & magic


My Signature Process Impact Harmonics™ redefines transformational leadership support. This one-of-a-kind integrative approach brings harmony and alignment to healing and growth. My multidisciplinary process includes:

• Integrative Neuroscience
• Biodata-Driven Personalized Medicine
• Cutting Edge Bioenergetics
• Somatic Trauma Therapy Modalities

• Psychedelic Microdosing
• Integrative Tools and Practices 
• Ancient Wisdom Traditions
• Eastern Philosophies


Unresolved trauma and outdated value systems actively sabotage your results. Together we dismantle dysfunction, heal and calibrate your body, mind, and spirit for optimal impact.


Energetic integrity is essential to impactful leadership. When you align your every word, deed, and thought in harmony with your mission and purpose, you unlock the alchemy of easeful and joyful co-creation with the universe.


Whole Human

Fragmented leaders can’t leave lasting legacies. The parts you deny, hide, judge, and banish hold the keys to your greatest impact. Together we recall, reintegrate, and restore ALL of you as a wholly embodied leader. 



“Before working with Anahita I felt trapped, like my spirit and my human couldn't co-exist and that they are always in a battle with no possible win for either.

During the process of working together from the beginning, she made me feel comfortable and safe being vulnerable, honest, and myself in all versions which allowed me to calm down and get out of my own way and do this work authentically.

Her work is a true embodiment of who she is and observing her ways of resetting my chaos is a true gift.

– Wendy Yates, Chief Visionary Officer at BridgeLine 

Our work together is not only helping me integrate my vision and purpose into action in my personal and business life but helping me to understand and unlock resources within to externalize my life's mission as a light for others so that I can exponentiate my purpose and create the impact that is on my heart, which is priceless.

I would still be spinning in the same circle, and getting caught in my own trap without Anahita's intuitive, genuine, calm, and intelligent approach.

I consider her not only an invaluable guide but a trusted ally that I now could not imagine doing life without.”

“Over the past decade, my body has continually signaled, from head to toe, that the high-stress, high-variability world of commodities trading, combined with the uneasy pressure of solopreneurship, was accelerating my physical and mental health toward a dangerous breaking point.

Facing a plethora of symptoms, I have worked with countless traditional medical specialists, numerous therapists, homeopaths, trainers, yogis, and fitness coaches, and tried every flavor of *alternative healing*.

Everything I tried had little lasting effect, felt siloed, and did not resonate in a meaningful way.

– Roderick Casilli
CEO, Ciredor Capital

Anahita’s practice and methods integrating supplementation, plant medicine, breath work, movement, meditation, real time monitoring (Oura), and mindset have provided (“resourced”) me with an unparalleled combination of complementary treatments and techniques. 

I continually find that I experience the session that I need, for the moment and day, and that I learn something new and profound during every interaction.

Her connections within the wellness, plant medicine, and healing community have also provided me access to an instantly trustworthy extended network.”

“I was introduced to Anahita via a community of Founders, Entrepreneurs, and investors. I was extremely intrigued by her body of work and signed up for 1:1 coaching sessions. It was one of the best decisions I have made to support my mental and physical well-being. Based on her experience working with other founders and Entrepreneurs, she knows the pressures we have on a day-to-day basis along with the pressure we are constantly putting on ourselves to keep excelling and working harder.

I have been working with Anahita for the past 9 months and it has been amazing to observe how calm my nervous system feels and how much better equipped I feel to handle day-to-day and long-term challenges in running my business and on a personal front. 

–  F.H. Founder & CEO at Aerospace Company

She creates a beautiful container that is grounded in loving care, science-based practices that support mental and physical well-being, and the understanding that our bodies and intuition can truly be our best allies as we dream big, build powerful organizations and solve massive challenges that our planet and societies are facing.

I have learned to trust my body, to listen to subtle messages that my body communicates to get me better aligned, trust my own breath to calm my nervous system, and build healthy practices
Anahita has helped me strengthen, my mind, body, and spirit by helping me navigate practices across various modalities, including but not limited to somatic healing, TRE/shaking, polyvagal theory, breath-work, and guidance on natural supplements for the body and mind.”

“Anahita is a consummate professional. I felt safe and deeply cared for and especially appreciated the healing nature of her musical gifts. She has a deep wisdom nurtured by years of unique life experience that informs everything she does. And leaves you a better human because of it. So grateful."

– Greg Casserly
CEO, Tarsadia

A           Rite of Passage

In times of great urgency and turmoil, we need leaders with the skills and strength to usher in a new phase of impactful solutions.


Impact Leaders aren’t born. They’re forged. 

After surviving adversity, they emerge with an open, compassionate heart, with the strength to hold hope and grief, love and rage, and the subtleties in between. This is the new frontier in leadership.

A new frontier in leadership

This is why I am here. To guide and inspire Impact Leaders and changemakers. I’m driven by a personal and professional mission to serve the planet, our human potential, and help evolve our shared consciousness towards greater harmony.  


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